Every now and then Network Solutions, my website host for http://www.lisamason.com, changes everyone’s FTP password, doesn’t send a notice this has been done, and doesn’t have a menu where you can see the new password. So when you go to update your website, you can’t connect to the server and instead get a notice listing 10 different arcane things that could be the problem.

Don’t you hate it when some tech thing that worked perfectly fine before suddenly doesn’t?

It makes me CRA-ZEE.

Two customer service phone calls later, we finally nailed down problem, and I have now learned how to go to a page where you still can’t see the new password, but you can change it to a password of your choice. So I don’t have to freak out, curse violently, or punch my fist through a window the next time this happens. I can calmly take care of it myself.

I sure wish Network Solutions would send a notice when they roll in there and change my password “for security purposes.” They sure send me lots of emails pitching all the other stuff they’d like to sell me.

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