Dear Reader, A Change of Plan?

As you know, I’ve been posting sequential excerpts from THE GARDEN OF ABRACADABRA, my new urban fantasy. I’m nearly halfway through the book. It’s long, which is why my publisher, Bast Books, is offering Volume 1 as A Trilogy in separate affordable installments.

I’ve been receiving lots of Likes–and I thank you for that!–but lately I’m feeling the excerpts don’t show the book to its best advantage. I mean, when you read—fiction especially—there’s a certain continuity that occurs. You enter the world of Story, suspend your disbelief, and become engrossed in what will happen next.

I’ve taken scenes that have their own internal integrity and, to fit blog limitations, sometimes chopped them up into three or four posts. So the continuity becomes disrupted again and again. At first I felt you would enjoy this, like serializations of longer works have been popular in the past.

THE GARDEN OF ABRACADABRA is carefully constructed of several intertwining subplots—Abby Teller as a woman discovering her magical power and her destiny as a woman of power. Abby as a woman returning to magic college, after working in the quotidian world, to learn to master her power. Abby as a woman unexpectedly thrust into a murder investigation. Abby as a woman confronting her disappointing past love life and meeting exciting new men. And Abby, of course, as the new superintendent of the Garden of Abracadabra, the magical apartment building on campus.

The unifying theme is our heroine, Abby Teller, on journeys of discovery on several levels against a huge backdrop of magical intrigue.

Dear Reader, are you following the Story? Getting into the Story? Because I’m leaning toward discontinuing the TGOA excerpts (half the book is left to go with excitement, magic, romance, and intrigue aplenty) unless you send me some feedback that you’d like me to continue. Please comment on WordPress or, what’s easier all around, is email me at

I will keep posting excerpts, but only if you want me to.

I’ve got lots more to blog. Twenty-two titles on Nook and Kindle this season, including TGOA offered as three separate books and the Summer of Love Serials offered in seven installments. I’m thinking I’ll give you a book overview plus the book’s opening (which you can download from Nook and Kindle for free). If you’re drawn in, then I would sure appreciate it if you’d take things from there!

In the meantime, new works are forthcoming. I hope to have CELESTIAL GIRL: A LILY MODJESKA MYSTERY, a previously published romantic suspense, ready by the year’s end. There will be a long Omnibus Edition and four shorter, affordable installments.

A story collection and The Quester Trilogy (all previously traditionally published works) will follow in the New Year.

I’m writing book reviews on Goodreads and may post some here, as well as interviews and chats with other authors.

In the meantime I’m working on Volume 2 of the Abracadabra Series, THE LABYRINTH OF ILLUSIONS, and a brand-new series.

Thank you for your readership! Visit me at Lisa Mason’s Official Website for more.