THE GARDEN OF ABRACADABRA (Bast Books)is carefully constructed of several intertwining subplots with a unifying theme:

Abby Teller as a woman discovering the magical power she was born with and her destiny as a woman of power battling evil magic.

Abby as a woman returning to magic college, after working in the quotidian world, to learn to master her power.

Abby as a woman unexpectedly thrust into a murder investigation and rising to the challenge.

Abby as a woman confronting her disappointing past love life with her ex-fiance, Daniel Stern, and meeting exciting new men, Jack Kovac, an enigmatic magician and head of the Supernatural Crimes Unit of the FBI, and Prince Alastor, Abby’s tenant in the penthouse, a dazzling supernatural man whose true nature remains a mystery.

And Abby, of course, as the new superintendent of the Garden of Abracadabra, the magical apartment building on campus inhabited by every sort of supernatural being, problems with collecting the rent, maintaining the building, refereeing disputes and love triangles between neighbors.

The unifying theme is our heroine, Abby Teller, on her journeys of discovery on several levels against a huge backdrop of magical intrigue.

“So refreshing. . . .This is Stephanie Plum in the world of Harry Potter”

This just in from Goodreads! Alan writes: “I loved the writing style and am hungry for more.:D”
The Garden of Abracadabra, Volume 1 of the Abracadabra Series (Bast Books)is on Nook and Kindle with a print edition planned for late 2013.

Fun and Enjoyable Urban Fantasy January 12, 2012
By D. Pflaster
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a very entertaining novel- sort of a down-to-earth Harry Potter with a modern adult woman in the lead. Even as Abby has to deal with mundane concerns like college and running the apartment complex she works at, she is surrounded by supernatural elements and mysteries that she is more than capable of taking on. Although this book is just the first in a series, it ties up the first “episode” while still leaving some story threads for upcoming books. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

From the author of Summer of Love, A Time Travel (a Philip K. Dick Award finalist and San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book) on Nook and Kindle, and The Gilded Age, A Time Travel (a New York Times Notable Book and New York Public Library Recommended Book) on Kindle and Nook.

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