From The Garden of Abracadabra

I pull Hi-Ho Silver over to the curb in a bus zone, yank the parking brake, and wearily climb out.

Brand climbs out, too. He takes his backpack from the backseat, strides around the Mustang, and drops the pack with a thud on the street. He wraps his arms around me in more than a friendly way, grasping me in a great big bear hug, lifting me clear off my feet.

“Easy, easy. You’ll squeeze the life out of me.”

He’s hard beneath the jeans. His power laps at my skin, greedy and insinuating. That’s not sharing power, that’s a power grab. A sorcerer’s grope. A rogue’s game.

He sets me down on my feet and I shove him away, smacking the palm of my hand against his chest. He staggers back, catching his boot heel on the curb, and sprawls with a grunt on the grimy bus bench.

Like I said, he ought to know from the start.

I expect his frown and a curse or two, but he only grins and hoists himself to his feet. “You got a number?”

“A number?”

“Yeah, you know that thing you need to call someone.”

I do have a number. I’ve got a brand-new cell phone with a brand-new number I’ve given nobody but one person and one person only: Carla, the realtor selling my mother’s house. I’ve disconnected my old landline, left no forwarding number.

Why? Because I don’t want Daniel calling me. I don’t want Daniel finding me. I don’t want Daniel tempting me to renege on a decision that’s supposed to be final. Is final. I know how tempting Daniel can be when he puts his mind to it.

And Brand?

“You didn’t just get out of prison or anything like that?”

“We’ll talk over lunch. I’m buying. I owe you big-time.”

Fascinating, how a man in cowboy boots refuses to answer a simple question. My number? I’m guessing he’s one of those men who loses women’s numbers as a matter of habit.

Against my better judgment, I give him mine.

He fishes a little black notebook out of his back jeans pocket and a stub of a pencil, and writes my number down. “Let’s get together, dear Abby. You’ve got magic. I could show you a real good time.”

“We’ll talk,” I say, “on the phone.”

From The Garden of Abracadabra

Copyright © 2012 by Lisa Mason

The Garden of Abracadabra, Volume 1 of the Abracadabra Series (Bast Books)is on Nook and Kindle with a print edition planned for late 2013.

 “So refreshing. . . .This is Stephanie Plum in the world of Harry Potter”

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This is a very entertaining novel- sort of a down-to-earth Harry Potter with a modern adult woman in the lead. Even as Abby has to deal with mundane concerns like college and running the apartment complex she works at, she is surrounded by supernatural elements and mysteries that she is more than capable of taking on. Although this book is just the first in a series, it ties up the first “episode” while still leaving some story threads for upcoming books. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

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