Laura Vosika, author of Blue Bells of Scotland and The Minstral Boy, and I, Lisa Mason, author of Summer of Love and The Gilded Age, will return with our five-part Time Travel Blogs at our respective websites starting this Thursday, December 20.

In Time Travel Blog 1, we talk about the time travel books we’ve read and been influenced by and gaining perspective about your own era by examining another.

In Time Travel Blog 2, we talk about time travel as social commentary, how daily life has changed over time, and how women from other eras differ from modern women.

In Time Travel Blog 3, we talk about how our characters actually time travel, time machines, and thin spots.

In Time Travel Blog 4, we talk about the rules of time travel, whether our characters are aware of how going to the past works (Laura’s don’t, mine do only too well), and the dangers of time travel.

And in Time Travel Blog 5, we talk about the extensive research we each did and the joys of the telling detail.

The Blogs, I think, will give you an inside look at the writing process and what drives authors to devote so much time and effort to produce a book for readers’ enjoyment.

We both had a lot of fun delving into the experiences we’d gone through. It was as thought-provoking for us as we hope it will be for you.

So join us this Thursday. Both Laura and I welcome your comments and your own perspectives on the challenges and pleasures of that distinguished genre, Time Travel.

See you there!

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