From Celestial Girl, A Lily Modjeska Mystery


Prologue         Blood on the Barbary Coast

Book 1

The Heartland

1                     A Precipitous Departure

2                     Stranger on a Train

3                     Lady Desperado

4                     A Rendezvous at the Wash Pump

5                     Pretty May

6                     The Law of Gum Shan

7                     Echo Canyon

8                     A Brown Tweed Suit

9                     Arrival, with Revelations

Book 2

Jewel of the Golden West

10                    Beginnings and Endings

11                    An Evening’s Perambulations

12                    Lord Carnation Hands

13                    A Sincere Proposal, with Improprieties

14                    Notorious

15                    The Consequences of Becoming Notorious

16                    At the Temple of Supreme Pleasure

17                    Cumshaw

18                    Peace of Mind

19                    Puzzles

20                    Anomalies Abound

21                    At the Cobweb Palace

22                    Confessions

23                    The Long-Suffering Sweetheart

24                    Big Mike

25                    Secrets Hidden Within

26                    The Midsummer Jamboree

27                    A Rescue, Earnestly Attempted

28                    Why I Went to China

Book 3

The Celestial Kingdom

29                    At the House of Double Happiness

30                    An Expedition to the Countryside

31                    Boxers and Bones

32                    Promises

33                   T’ai Chi

Book 4


34                   The Girls

35                   What He Did With Her

36                   Celestial Girl

From Celestial Girl, A Lily Modjeska Mystery

Copyright © 2012 by Lisa Mason.

I’m excited to tell you my romantic suspense, CELESTIAL GIRL, A LILY MODJESKA MYSTERY, will debut in January! If you love romantic suspense or historical mystery, this is both. Please give Lily Modjeska a try!

The Omnibus Edition will include all four books, Book 1: The Heartland, Book 2: Jewel of the Golden West, Book 3: The Celestial Kingdom, and Book 4: Terminus. Bast Books will also offer each ebook separately so you can read in four affordable installments.

The Omnibus Edition will be published on Nook and Kindle with a print edition to follow in early 2014.

Lily Modjeska is a typical woman in Toledo, Ohio, 1896: repressed and dependent on her husband. But when Johnny Pentland is found dead at a notorious brothel, Lily discovers her husband is not the man she thought he was.

Pursued by Pentland’s enemies, Lily embarks on a journey that will take her across the country to San Francisco and across the ocean to Imperial China as she unravels a web of murder and corruption reaching from the opium dens of Chinatown to the mansions of Nob Hill.

Her journey becomes one of the heart when she crosses paths with Jackson Tremaine, a debonair, worldly-wise physician. Lily and Jackson begin a conflicted, passionate relationship as they encounter the mysterious Celestial girl and her dangerous entourage.

From the author of The Garden of Abracadabra, Volume 1 of the Abracadabra Series, on Nook and Kindle, Summer of Love, A Time Travel (a Philip K. Dick Award finalist and San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book) on Nook and Kindle, and The Gilded Age, A Time Travel (a New York Times Notable Book and New York Public Library Recommended Book) on Nook and Kindle.

Of The Gilded Age, the New York Times Book Review said, “A winning mixture of intelligence and passion.”

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