Celestial Girl, Book 1: The Heartland (A Lily Modjeska Mystery)


A Precipitous Departure

June 1, 1896. Toledo, Ohio.

I did not look back.

It was a scorching morning when I abandoned everything I had known. Exhilaration and nervous anxiety competed for my heart. As elated as I was to leave, I was well and truly scared.

A lone crow cawed and wheeled overhead in a summer sky bleached white by the relentless sun. Insects droned in the limp cornfields. The pollen of new-mown hay suffused the stifling air, pressing itchy red thumbprints into the corners of my eyes. Heat shimmered off the macadam and pooled in mirages as false as my marriage had been.

The gossips agreed my husband had been murdered, though the police hadn’t officially declared the cause of his death or formally interrogated me. Not yet. I seized my carpetbag and closed the door to our cottage on Shoreline Road where the macadam crumbled to dust and dandelions. I had never been fond of the weathered clapboard or the landlord. “The weaker sex will get the vote when hell freezes over,” Mr. Grimal cheerfully assured me every time he came to collect his pound of flesh. I’d cheerfully neglected to pay the rent for a month.

I took only what I could cram in my carpetbag: my fancy blue silk dress, a change of stockings, my Chantilly lace camisole, my wedding band–a plain gold ring inscribed inside, “For My Sweet Lily Love J P”–a bargain one-way ticket on the Overland train, and a thirty-two caliber double-action Colt revolver.

And the gold? I hid the gold in a very safe place.

From Celestial Girl, Book 1: The Heartland (A Lily Modjeska Mystery) on Nook and Kindle!

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Whoo-hoo! I’m so excited to tell you my romantic suspense, Celestial Girl, Book 1: The Heartland (A Lily Modjeska Mystery) is brand-new on Nook and Kindle!

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This is the first book in the Lily Modjeska Miniseries. Coming soon are Book 2: Jewel of the Golden West, Book 3: The Celestial Kingdom, and Book 4: Terminus. The Omnibus Edition will include all four books.

Lily Modjeska is a typical woman in Toledo, Ohio, 1896: repressed and dependent on her husband. But when Johnny Pentland is found dead at a notorious brothel, Lily discovers her husband is not the man she thought he was.

Pursued by Pentland’s enemies, Lily embarks on a journey that will take her across the country to San Francisco and across the ocean to Imperial China as she unravels a web of murder and corruption reaching from the opium dens of Chinatown to the mansions of Nob Hill.

Her journey becomes one of the heart when she crosses paths with Jackson Tremaine, a debonair, worldly-wise physician. Lily and Jackson begin a conflicted, passionate relationship as they encounter the mysterious Celestial girl and her dangerous entourage.

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Of The Gilded Age, the New York Times Book Review said, “A winning mixture of intelligence and passion.”

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