The Kindle Direct Publishing Newsletter just ran an interview with Colleen Hoover, the author of three wildly successful independently published ebooks. The interview was quite an eye-opener. Hoover explained how her first two books attracted the interest of a Big Literary Agency (because they were selling), which in turn sold her print rights to a Big Publisher (who gave her dinky $7.99 mass market paperbacks), some foreign rights, and two film options.

When it came time to publish her third book, Hoover considered going the traditional publishing route. She certainly had the connections. After graciously demurring that her experience with the Big Publisher had been “good,” she decided to publish the third book as an independent ebook. (Full disclosure: I haven’t read the books; this is not an endorsement.)

What?!! Is not signing with a Big Agency and selling to a Big Publisher every author’s fondest dream come true?

Back in the dark ages (pre-2010 or B.E., Before Ereaders)? Of course.

But now? Perhaps not.

Here’s how the traditional publishing business has worked for perhaps the past century. You need to sign with a literary agent. Your literary agent submits your book to an editor. The editor decides whether your book is marketable and makes an offer for an advance based on that assessment. The literary agent collects the advance from the publisher, takes his 15% commission, and sends the rest to you. What does “marketable” mean? Whether your book fits into a category and how much money the editor believes your book will earn. Which is fair enough. Publishing is a business, not a charity.

The advance may amount to ten percent of what the Publisher hopes to make, and, for that amount of money, you sign over a bundle of rights. Print rights have always been in the bundle and, as of about ten years ago, digital rights have been, too. Ten years ago is still B.E., but Big Publishers were beginning to suspect something could be up about digital rights and began to claim them.

When you accept the advance, you sign over virtually all control over your book, including the cover art, distribution, and marketing. If the publisher believes it won’t make that much money from your book, it will do virtually nothing to promote your book. You’re on your own.

Your royalties on a print book are typically 7 to 10 %. A $10 book will earn 70 cents to a buck per unit. Royalties are amassed by the publisher and debited against the advance paid to you. Any royalties in excess of the advance are paid to the agent, who collects his 15%, and disperses the rest to you every six months. How you survive during that six months is on you.

Your royalties on a digital book are typically 25%, which sounds better than the print royalties. But, wait. The publisher already has the digital file for producing the print edition, plus the cover. An ebook requires no paper or ink, no shipping boxes, no postage, no warehouse personnel. Unlike distributing print books, which involves all sorts of costs, worldwide ebook distribution is virtually free.

I’m guessing Hoover sat down and crunched the publishing numbers when she was considering how to publish her third book.

Big Publishers, just like independent authors, distribute and sell ebooks through retailers like and Ebook retailers take 30% off the top to support their websites, which is fair. An independent author enjoys a free product page for her book, free secure payment processing, and other promotional perks, just like a Big Publisher.

There the resemblance ends.

Your $10 ebook under the control of a Big Publisher earns $7 ($10 minus the E-tailer’s 30%). Of that $7, the publisher takes 75%, leaving $1.75, which (if the book has earned out the advance) it pays to your literary agent. The agent collects his 15% and disperses to you $1.48.

Suppose, on the other hand, you’ve written a wonderful book on your own time (you’re on your own with a Big Publisher, too), carefully edited it, formatted it as an ebook, and produced cover art. This is not at all to minimize what I’ve just described. Each of those steps, beginning with the book itself, takes a lot of commitment, knowledge, time, and effort. But suppose you’ve invested the time and effort, and you’re ready to publish.

Your $10 ebook will earn $7. That’s it! No one else claims their cut. And the $7 will be paid every month. Actually, there’s a two-month grace period, but once you start selling, the funds are deposited directly into your bank account every month.

Kind of like a real job, instead of a publishing path fraught with peril.

Think about it. $7 versus $1.48. You’d have to sell five books through your Big Publisher and Big Literary Agent to earn the same amount. And you’d have to wait six months to get paid.

This is not to say that ebooks are a get-rich-quick scheme or don’t involve plenty of perils of their own. If you don’t love the written word, if you haven’t read widely when you were a child and don’t read widely today, if you don’t have something to say or an urgent story to tell, please do not publish an ebook thinking you’ll make a fast buck. That’s not what writing is all about.

I consider writing a career, an obsession, a craft, a Calling. I’ve devoted my life to writing.

But no wonder Big Publishing is being turned upside down—and turned down, in Hoover’s case—and independent authors are soaring to new heights of empowerment and success.

About Lisa Mason

I’m the author of eight novels, including SUMMER OF LOVE (published by Bantam, a division of Random House), a San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book and Philip K. Dick Award finalist, and THE GOLDEN NINETIES (Bantam, a division of Random House), a New York Times Notable Book and New York Public Library Recommended Book.

I published my first story, “ARACHNE,” in Omni and have since published short fiction in magazines and anthologies worldwide, including Omni, Full Spectrum, Universe, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Unique, Transcendental Tales, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Immortal Unicorn, Tales of the Impossible, Desire Burn, Fantastic Alice, The Shimmering Door, Hayakawa Science Fiction Magazine, Unter Die Haut, and others. My stories have been translated into Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

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