The author is justifiably lauded for creating a novel unique in probably all of literature: the first-person account of an anatomical androgyne who, at adolescence, discovers she is a he, uses copious amounts of Nair on his face, and is attracted to girls. The portrait is so convincing (he’s “a card-carrying member of the Save the Manatee Society”), I often wondered, “Is this the author, really? Or not?” The first section about the war-torn Greece of his ancestors is the most vividly told, while the teenager’s awakening sexuality is by turns witty, hilarious, and achingly desperate. At times, though, the book feels like a pastiche; in fact several sections were New Yorker stories first, then dropped in. The biggest disappointment for me was the sequence in which our hero/ine goes to San Francisco and works in a strip club. I know exactly where he’s talking about. My husband, Tom Robinson, and I had a working art studio above a belly-dancing club within that same two block radius on the cusp of North Beach where rock stars and movie actors showed up at Enrico’s at three A.M. for drinks and dirty burgers, famed Finocchio’s featured an all-transvestite cabaret, Mafioso with their heaters bulging in their pockets and gold crucifixes at their throats drank at the Matador, and green-Mohawked punks crowded Club Mabuhay. I was looking forward to the author’s take on my old neighborhood, but this section is curiously cardboard and flat. Still, this is a benchmark book in American literature.

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