Authors’ voices are as varied as Authors, but they tend to bifurcate into two camps: what I’ll call the “lush,” adjective- and adverb-laden, detailed descriptions, explication of characters’ emotions and sensations, five-dollar words; and the “minimalist,” plain-spoken, vernacular, just-the-facts-ma’am, economical action and plot. The reader must deduce characters’ thoughts and feelings.

I confess as a reader I love both styles and, as an author, have gone both ways. In my fin de siècle titles (The Gilded Age, Every Mystery Unexplained, Daughter of the Tao, and Celestial Girl), I found my lush voice. In contemporary, futuristic, science fictional titles (Summer of Love, Shaken, Hummers, and the forthcoming Quester Trilogy), I tend toward a minimalist voice.

Lush is easy to appreciate and understand. Minimalist may be a mystery wrapped in an enigma. You the reader say, “How did the Author create a whole cinematic scene in my head with those few words?”

“They threw me off the hay truck about noon.” So begins Cain’s classic, minimalist, brutal story of a lusty amoral drifter and a scheming sexy wife who conspire to murder her nice husband and make it appear like an accident so she can inherit the husband’s humble little roadside café and she and the drifter can live happily ever after. Written and published in 1934, at the height of the Great Depression, the subtext of every word and scene is desperation: rancor between the haves and have-nots; tension between Mexican immigrant laborers and Southern California Americans; illicit lust between man and woman.

This is a classic Greek tragedy. No good comes to anyone.

My plastic-wrapped, 1947 Pocket Edition tops off at 121 pages so you can see why filmmakers in Hollywood and Europe scrambled to adapt the book to the movies. It’s the length of a screenplay. None of the Hollywood films I’ve seen, though, can capture the violent lust between the drifter and the wife like Cain’s minimalist voice. Spoiler Alert! Here’s their first hot sex scene at page 9:

“I got some cooking to do. I’ll wash up this plate.” I took her in my arms and mashed my mouth up against hers. “Bite me! Bite me!” I bit her. I sunk my teeth into her lips so deep I could feel the blood spurt into my mouth. It was running down her neck when I carried her upstairs.”

CUT! (And he’s not a vampire.)

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