This is a lovely, lyrical YA book that ultimately is a snore.

The repellent dystopia Cassia is born into matches you with everything—the clothes you wear, what you study, what kind of boring work you’ll do, how much you exercise, when you die. When you’re a teen, who you’ll be mated to for life. The Society dispenses food rations, tasteless but carefully controlled for calories (Mayor Bloomberg, are you listening? This is a repellent dystopia.)

The book opens with the big night when Cassia will learn via the Officials’ technology who she is matched to. She sees her childhood best friend and neighbor, a boy like a brother to her. She doesn’t feel the spark of love for him, but he’s tall, blond, smart, and handsome. Things could be worse, right? (Sometimes I wish these kinds of books would force the heroine into a relationship with someone who’s fat, ugly, and creepy. Kind of like the classic “Beauty and the Beast” fairytale.)

Then the Official technology flashes the image of another boy on the screen. Another boy she’s mistakenly matched to. He’s a forbidden boy. It doesn’t hurt that he’s tall, dark, and handsome, too.

The problem I have with all this is that Cassia (why would she be allowed to have such a fancy name in this Society?) and all the other characters are irritatingly passive in the face of the Society’s control. They’re aware of the control, but do nothing but comply.

The notion that people no longer read and poetry of bygone years is forbidden is a nice touch. A bit of excitement happens when the Officials search house-to-house for forbidden personal mementos, including poetry. If the people were also hiding books on how to make an explosive incendiary device, I may have been more engaged.

In the end, after 300 pages, not a whole lot has happened and the book feels a lot like set-up for the next two books in the trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good set-up. But pages that feel like set-up are—as every writing pundit will tell you–the definition of the pages you the author have to throw away.

If you’ve got limited time to read YA books—or any kind of book—you’re better off spending that precious time reading the vigorous, brutal The Hunger Games. But this is a perfectly acceptable book to give to a teen.

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