This is a grim, strange little book to admire, but not to love.

I admire the economy of the author’s prose, which is minimalist but still manages to create a vivid word picture of people and scenes. She captures Katniss’s sullen teenage resentment, her cold-bloodedness yet also her love and protectiveness toward her younger sister, her resentment of her grieving mother, her sense of duty toward her family, her grief for her father. The scene where she sings to the dying Rue is heart-wrenching.

I’m working on a YA project myself, so—full disclosure—I read this book as research. I must tell you I don’t care much for YA in which all the adults are stupid, weak, cruel, and controlling, and that’s pretty much the case here. When I was a teen, I had many adults I respected and looked up to.

The juxtaposition between hunger and satiety is not quite convincing. The author tells us of Katniss’s skin-and-bones hunger, why she illegally hunts at great risk, then tells in the first pages of Katniss and Peeta’s pre-Games feast of fresh goat cheese and fresh-baked bread. I almost ordered out for a goat-cheese pizza. She describes the luxurious meals in rich detail, but the reader will have to look to Dosteyevski’s descriptions of Russian peasants for how starvation really looks and feels.

Also, I found a glaring logical hole in the basic premise–if (as is later revealed) the Capital can effortlessly create things out of thin air with their technology, why wouldn’t they just make food for everyone and be done with it? Then people could work in the coal mines and make stuff on a full belly. It doesn’t make sense.

Make no mistake, this is a brutal, violent book. If the book teaches the reader to fight back in an oppressive, competitive world, that’s an excellent lesson. But it’s a lesson that won’t leave you with a song in your heart and a spring in your step.

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