I don’t like writing negative reviews. If a book doesn’t work for me, I leave it alone. I never post negative reviews or even lukewarm ones on the online book distributors. Every author should have a fighting chance in the marketplace. Far be it from me to stand in any author’s way.

I may make an exception to this personal rule when (1) I really hate a book because of what it conveys and (2) the author has already benefited from the huge support of Big Media.

Rave reviews and a big publicity push lured me to buy and read this book. I reveal no plot spoilers when I say the author lays out her premise in the second sentence (“I was fourteen when I was murdered. . .”).

Told in a minimalist voice partly from the point of view of the dead girl “in Heaven,” this is the story of a young teen stalked, raped, and murdered by the despicable serial killer next door who disposes of her body so that it’s never found. The neighbors suspect the ghoul, their family pets are disappearing or found slaughtered, he’s implicated in a series of other murders, but no one does anything about it. The killer never gets caught, never gets punished by justice. That may happen in real life, but as Tom Clancy famously says, “Fiction has to make sense.”

Much is made of the aftermath of the teen’s murder for her family, grief and healing and the like, but it didn’t work for me. It felt like manipulation. You may be titillated or horrified. I was the latter.

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