I know this is escapist YA fantasy, but I had trouble with the premise right from the start.

Why would vampires–all of whom are at least a hundred years old and several of whom were older than teenagers when they became undead—why would they be hanging out at the high school of a small town? Why would the school administrators, the parents, the kids themselves allow this?

What would you think if a group of twenty-somethings—never mind vampires—started frequenting your child’s high school cafeteria?

Oh, but they’re nice vampires, they feed on wild animals. But they still could kill the kids.

So I found the premise kinky and weird from the start, like allowing old pedophiles to hang out at your high school.

Then there’s the heroine, who is passive, self-absorbed, and purposeless. Most teens I know are very clear about what they want to do in life or are urgently searching. I know I did as a teen. Bella has no clue.

She’s also a little mean in a creepy way. She won’t have anything to do with a boy who likes her because he has “a skin problem.” (She makes a big deal about her own clear skin.) She ridicules an older woman with long, gray hair smiling hopefully at her from the woman’s metaphysical bookstore. Then she claims to love books.

She defines most of her great love for Edward in terms of his “good looks.” Much has been made of the author’s repetition of the hero’s good looks and, I have to agree, the repetition is annoying.

Much has also been made of the author’s bad writing. I found the author’s writing pleasant, smooth, and engaging, sometimes quite wonderful. And she captures the course of a teenage love—the insecurity, the breathless waiting for the beloved to appear, the dazzling first kiss, the heroic gestures that feel like the most important thing in the world—very well.

Still, I would much rather give a teen the tough, resourceful Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games as a heroine than this vain, self-pitying, clueless girl.

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