Book Dealers and Book Collectors! Bast Books is offering a wonderful selection of seven rare and collectible books. Here are the titles and links to Amazon, where you’ll find full descriptions.

1991 1st Ed SIGNED/Sarah Canary/Karen Joy Fowler

SIGNED 1st Ed 1987 The Essential Ellison/Harlan Ellison

SOLD FOR $115! SIGNED 1st Ed 1975 The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

1907 1st Ed Joe Tilden’s Recipes for Epicures Mint condition! Beautiful book! Perfect gift for the celebrity chef.

SIGNED 1975 My Story/Uri Geller

SIGNED 1982 The Golden Dawn/Israel Regardie Beautiful signature and full-color cover.

1947 The Wayward Bus/John Steinbeck

1946 Cannery Row/John Steinbeck

SIGNED 1961 The Agony and the Ecstasy/Irving Stone

SIGNED 1937 Lust for Life/Irving Stone

Coming soon: SIGNED Allen Ginsberg/Planet News; SIGNED William Burroughs/Junky/Naked Lunch/Soft Machine.

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