Ever wonder where the names of our days of the week originate?

The names go way back and, in true pagan style, each day is named for a god or a goddess from a different culture. Which is rather amusing for a Judeo-Christian society like America. As far as I know everyone uses the same names worldwide (albeit in different languages, of course).

This often presents challenge for authors of fantasy and science fiction. If you’ve invented another universe, what will you call the days?

In this Universe, today is Tuesday, and the god who rules this day is Mars, the Roman god of war, passion, anger, and aggression. His color is fiery red. It’s no surprise that the expression for rage is “seeing red.”

To be in harmony with Tuesday, wear something red. For jewelry, wear a ruby, garnet, or carnelian. And eat something red: an apple, strawberries, tomatoes, any kind of tomato sauce.

But take care if you’re accident-prone or susceptible to anger. I’m neither, but it was a Tuesday when a woman backed her Cadillac right into my driver side door as I was waiting to exit a parking lot. She knocked an ugly dent in the door and scared the wits out of me. And I was wearing all red! I had just attended a business meeting and was wearing a red suit jacket, red skirt, and red high heels.

So there you have it, my friend. Tap into the energy and passion of Mars to get you through the rest of the week, but beware of danger and aggression.