Saturday is Saturn’s day. Saturn is “Old Man Time,” typically described as the god of fate and limitation.

I like to think of Saturn in more positive terms, “destiny,” and “manifestation.”

When you decide to marry, for instance, you forsake all others (limitation), but you set out to make a new life together with your beloved (destiny). When you choose a career and train for it, you focus on that activity and everything else becomes a hobby or recreation (limitation), but you build a reputation and make a living (manifestation).

How do you spend your Saturdays? Working? Doing chores? Fulfilling social obligations? All should go well.

Or is your Saturday a time for relaxation and revelry? Be careful, lest fate show its hand.

Wear black but temper that saturnine sternness with gold and multicolored gems. Silver and onyx work, too, but add some turquoise and carnelian to lighten the mood.