When I finally decided to go high speed, I called AT&T, which provides my phone service. The rep signed me up to receive the router/modem by UPS, install it myself. “It’s so simple, even an idiot can so it.”

Then stalled on the delivery 14 days. When the equipment didn’t show up on the “due date,” I called, found out someone had bungled the order and the router hadn’t even been scheduled at the warehouse and would be delayed for another 7 days.

Yelled, screamed, begged, pleaded. Got that magic 7th person who comp’d me a “technician-provided” install. Meaning a human being showed up the next day with the equipment in hand.

Not only was the router a big, intimidating tech thingie with blinking lights (I feel like I’m piloting the Starship Enterprise), but it didn’t work!

Technician had to return, rewire the phone jack, the phone line leading out of my house, AND the phone box on my street. No way could I have done all that myself! (Didn’t hurt that the technician was a handsome Italian guy.)

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