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I’ve published five new books this year: the passionate historical suspense Celestial Girl (A Lily Modjeska Mystery), the Omnibus Edition, which includes Books 1 through 4, and a three-installment release of the miniseries. Celestial Girl, The Omnibus Edition has already garnered a five-star review. Go to Lisa Mason’s Official Website for all the details.

Also new this year is Strange Ladies: 7 Stories, a collection of short science fiction, fantasy, and horror published in top magazines and anthologies worldwide. This book just received its first five-star review and two rave professional reviews. Go to Lisa Mason’s Official Website for all the details.

All the beautiful covers are there, including a full-size reproduction of San Francisco artist Tom Robinson’s amazing hand-drawn cover for Summer of Love. You must click on that link and check it out!

Other major changes include the publication of all titles for every reader worldwide: Kindle on, Nook on Barnes and Noble, all Apple devices on iTunes, Sony, Kobo, and any other kind of device supported by Smashwords.

Plus, has expanded its markets supporting Kindle and every one of the Lisa Mason titles is there, in the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, India, and Japan.

What a job to collect all the links! Stop by just to see them on Lisa Mason’s Official Website.

As for those cute pet pix I mentioned, I’ve devoted a page to my beloved Turkish Angora cat, Alana, and another page to my beloved blue mink Tonkinese, Luna. We rescued both purebred girls from the SPCA and they were the pet-baby loves of my life.

Other new features include a compilation of my Time Travel blogs with author Laura Vosika, my two chats about writing with author Ryan Schneider, and my interviews with Write Castles in the Sky and Festivale. Stop by Lisa Mason’s Official Website and join the discussions.

We’ve also included a page for Bast Collectible Books, which offers a selection of signed first editions and rare books, and for my associate, Suzanna Moore, who has published a lovely little passionate paranormal romance, The Arbor. This is not formula romance, but a darker story with hot sensuality, heroine Jenna Coltrane’s journey from boutique clerk to the leader of an environmentalist movement, and Eon, a magical hero who isn’t a vampire or a werewolf. Suzanna Moore hopes to write two more books in The Eon Trilogy. Please show her some support for The Arbor. All the details are on Lisa Mason’s Official Website.

So far, so good, right? The project was not without problems. Late last Thursday night, we hit a major technical glitch. We had just uploaded everything and went to check the Internet to see if the site looked as great we hoped.

But everything wasn’t great. We couldn’t find the website at all!

A call to Customer Service revealed that our server had changed its protocol. Don’t you hate when that happens? Working late into the dawn, we renamed every file and picture, and this time everything uploaded like a charm. Thank goodness that’s all solved now.

We’ve got a new slate of new books forthcoming for 2014. Check out The Next Thing for details.

So there you have it, my friends. I appreciate beautiful colors and modern artwork and you’ll find plenty of both at Lisa Mason’s Official Website.

Happy holiday reading!

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