The PKD Award Storybundle is live at! Eleven multiple-award winning books for $15 or however much you want to pay.

We got another super mention from Charlie Jane Ander at

“Humble Bundle-style collections of books or comics come along pretty regularly these days… but the latest Story Bundle offering is pretty amazing. There are 11 books that either won the Philip K. Dick Award or were finalists, and you can get them all for just $15.”

And this just in from SFSignal, the Hugo Award winning blog written by fans:

“Check Out the Philip K. Dick Award StoryBundle Curated by Lisa Mason

Check it out! The Philip K. Dick Award Bundle curated by Lisa Mason will run through mid October, and is chock full of books by great authors!

For those new to the idea, StoryBundle offers up a DRM-free set of eBooks for which you can name your price. They also allow you to give a portion of the proceeds from each bundle to charity.

Good books for a good cause. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Two thousand readers in thirty-six hours can’t be wrong!

So there you have it, my friends. The Philip K Dick Award Storybundle includes Aestival Tide by Elizabeth Hand (PKD Finalist), Life by Gwyneth Jones (PKD Winner), The Cipher by Kathe Koja (PKD Finalist), Points of Departure by Pat Murphy (PKD Winner), Dark Seeker by K. W. Jeter (PKD Finalist), Summer of Love by Lisa Mason (PKD Finalist), Frontera by Lewis Shiner (PKD Finalist), Acts of Conscience by William Barton (PKD Special Citation), Maximum Ice by Kay Kenyon (PKD Finalist), Knight Moves by Walter Jon Williams (PKD Finalist), and Reclamation by Sarah Zettel (PKD Finalist).

The Philip K Dick Award Storybundle runs only until October 15. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Download yours today at and enjoy world-class, award-winning reading right now and into the holidays.