Unlike pulp genre science fiction of the nineteen-fifties, featuring spaceships and macho ship captains and bug-eyed aliens, Philip K Dick explored philosophical, sociological, political, and metaphysical themes in novels dominated by monopolistic corporations, authoritarian governments, and altered states of consciousness.

In his later works, Dick’s thematic focus strongly reflected his personal interest in metaphysics and theology. He often drew upon his own life experiences in addressing the nature of drug abuse, paranoia, schizophrenia, and transcendental experiences.

He was a breath of fresh air to his fellow authors and SF readers of the nineteen-sixties and seventies and remains an inspiration and influence to this day.

His high concepts have translated well into other media. Eleven popular films based on his works have been produced, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, Next, Screamers, The Adjustment Bureau, and Impostor.

As Lewis Shiner, the author of Frontera, eloquently wrote on Facebook, “One of the reasons I was so pleased to be nominated for the Philip K Dick award is that Dick was and is one of my favorite writers of all time. I’ve never read anybody who did a better job of finding the frayed seams in reality and sticking his hand through them. He spun paranoia, desire, and disappointment into novels and stories of terrible beauty.” https://www.facebook.com/lewis.shiner?fref=ts

In 2005, Time magazine named Ubik one of the hundred greatest English-language novels published since 1923. In 2007, Dick became the first science fiction writer to be included in The Library of America series.

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