His son is dead…

Or that’s what he believed. Caught up in the lethal madness of a Manson-like cult, Tyler has lost everything that once mattered to him. Out of prison, on a strict regimen of medications to keep the demons inside his head from returning, he knows he’s always one small step away from returning to that dark place and its horrors.

So when his ex-wife emerges from the shadows into which she had fled, and tells him that their son is still alive, kidnapped by another former member of the murderous group, Tyler has some tough, soul-threatening decisions to make. He can take the safe route that will keep him sane and alive, and just assume that his ex-wife is lost in some psychotic delusion about their dead son. Or he can take the risk that maybe — just maybe — she’s somehow telling the truth. He can stop taking the medications that the doctors give him, and go back into that dark world of madness and murder, to try and find the child that had gone missing so long ago. But if Tyler finds his son, will he be able to save him? And what will be left of him when he does?

Dark Seeker Cover Final

“The real pleasure of this book is in the quality of the writing. Jeter places three-dimensional characters in authentic Southern California landscapes with more grit than glamour . . . Dark Seeker provides an intense experience that sticks in the mind — further proof of Jeter’s versatile talent.”
– Locus

“. . . this may well be his best book yet. It is directed, dynamically paced, extremely well-written in a modified Chandleresque style, gritty and unsentimental about the failures of humanity, tight and economical, and with a lot to say about people and the devils inside them. It never lags but is deliberate when it needs to be; the plot denouement, usually the Achilles’ heel of horror, is splendidly worked out. It often seems in this genre that even the best writers can set up all the elements for the last twenty pages, yet never come through on them. Jeter has done an admirable job . . .”
– OtherRealms

“This made me feel like a church gargoyle looking out over a witch hunt in some zombie thrash pit. Not only that, it’s really well written…”
– SF Book Reviews, sfbook.com

“Effective, briskly paced, nicely tense…”
– Goodreads.com

“Fully realized, Jeter describes the endless roadways, the underpasses, the street corners and movie theaters with much color, much dread.”
– Douglaspurdy.com

K.W. Jeter is an American science fiction and thriller author known for his literary writing style, dark themes, and complex, paranoid characters. His latest novels are THE KINGDOM OF SHADOWS, set in the sinister & glamorous world of the film industry of the Third Reich, and the Kim Oh Thriller series — KIM OH 1: REAL DANGEROUS GIRL, KIM OH 2: REAL DANGEROUS JOB and KIM OH 3: REAL DANGEROUS PEOPLE, with more to come.

“Jeter is an exhilarating writer who always seems to have another rabbit to pull out of his hat.”
— The New York Times Book Review

“Brain-burning intensity . . .”
— Village Voice

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