The Cyberpunk classic and Nebula Award finalist in the revised, definitive edition.

Frontera Cover Final

Ten years ago the world’s governments collapsed, and now the corporations are in control. Houston’s Pulsystems has sent an expedition to the lost Martian colony of Frontera to search for survivors. Reese, aging hero of the US space program, knows better. The colonists are not only alive, they have discovered a secret so devastating that the new rulers of Earth will stop at nothing to own it. Reese is equally desperate to use it for his own very personal agenda. But none of them have reckoned with Kane, tortured veteran of the corporate wars, whose hallucinatory voices are urging him to complete an ancient cycle of heroism and alter the destiny of the human race.

”Lewis Shiner’s Frontera is an extraordinarily accomplished first novel . . . his pacing is brisk, his scientific extrapolation well-informed and plausible, and his characterization nothing short of outstanding . . . This is ‘realism’ of a sort seldom found in either commercial or literary fiction; to find it in a first novel makes one eager for more.”
Chicago Sun-Times

”Hard-edged and colorful and relentless, and altogether a compelling read.”
–George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire, the international bestselling series of epic fantasy novels that HBO adapted for its dramatic series Game of Thrones

”One of the genre’s more arresting books.”
Rolling Stone

Frontera rises to literary art, first because several viewpoint characters are rendered with skill and sensitivity as complex people, and second because Kane, the central combat-capable figure, is a poor bastard who’s had his head screwed with in various unpleasant ways, so that he is both hero and victim, doing his deeds of derring-do as best he can with a headful of broken glass.”

Norman Spinrad

About the Author

Lewis Shiner is the author of the award-winning novel Glimpses, available in trade paperback from Subterranean Press. Included in the same series of Definitive Editions are his novels Black & White, Dark Tangos, Deserted Cities of the Heart, Frontera, Say Goodbye, and Slam. Subterranean has also published his career-spanning short fiction volume, Collected Stories. He lives in North Carolina, USA.

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