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“A fine novel packed with vivid detail, colorful characters, and genuine insight.” Washington Post Book World

The year is 1967 and something new is sweeping across America: good vibes, bad vibes, psychedelic music, psychedelic drugs, anti-war protests, racial tension, free love, bikers, dropouts, flower children. An age of innocence, a time of danger. The Summer of Love.

San Francisco is the Summer of Love, where runaway flower children flock to join the hip elite and squares cruise the streets to view the human zoo.

Lost in these strange and wondrous days, teenager Susan Bell, alias Starbright, has run away from the straight suburbs of Cleveland to find her troubled best friend. Her path will cross with Chiron Cat’s Eye in Draco, a strange and beautiful young man who has journeyed farther than she could ever imagine.

With the help of Ruby A. Maverick, a feisty half-black, half-white hip merchant, Susan and Chi discover a love that spans five centuries. But can they save the world from demons threatening to destroy all space and time?

“Captures the moment perfectly and offers a tantalizing glimpse of its wonderful and terrible consequences.” San Francisco Chronicle

A harrowing coming of age. A friendship ending in tragedy. A terrifying far future. A love spanning five centuries. And a gritty portrait of a unique time in American history.

“Remarkable. . . .the intellect on display within these psychedelically packaged pages is clear-sighted, witty, and wise.” Locus Magazine

“Mason has an astonishing gift. Her chief characters almost walk off the page. And the story is as significant as anyone could wish. This book will surely be on the prize ballots.” Analog

“A priority purchase.” Library Journal

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Twenty five-star Amazon reader reviews
New Five-Star Amazon Review: “Just checked to see if this book was on Kindle. It has been many years since I’ve read it but I remember it as one of my very favorite books. Time to go back and re-read it!!!”

“This book was so true to life that I felt like I was there. I recommend it to anyone.”
“More than a great science-fiction, a great novel as well.”

“My favourite SF book of all time: beautiful, cynical, and completely involving” From Goodreads

5 stars Calling All Fans
“Summer of Love is an important American literary contribution that may very well have a strong and viable fan base. Where are you? Join us!
This novel is loads of fun to read. The majority of the characters are hippies from the 1960s who meet a stranger from the future who’s looking to save his world. This fellow, Chiron, needs to find a troubled adolescent teen named Susan (a.k.a. Starbright) for a very compelling reason. The book has a great deal to offer: swift action, lovable characters, spiritual insight, and well-chosen primary documents such as essays, poems, and news articles which round out the reader’s understanding of the worldview of the novel.
Some books talk about the sixties. This novel IS the sixties, thanks to the spirit and scholarship of its author. And, as one reader aptly put it, ‘the sci-fi stuff is just plain off the hook.’ Get a copy. Most people who have read it seem to respect it and enjoy it every bit as much as I do.”

5 stars I think it’s a great book. The level of character development is much higher than what we have come to expect in Scifi-Fantasy.

What I can add is that Lisa Mason has done a meticulous job of researching what the sixties were REALLY like, not the candy coated version of them which one normally sees in the media. That one could go to the Fillmore and see Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Jefferson Airplane, legendary groups almost any night. The idea that this quality of music would last forever. The naive optimism about the future mixed with the omnipresent paranoia about the Man or the System. The wide open experimentation with living styles. The idea that anyone who dressed like you was your brother/sister. The dark side of “free love”. That someone with bell-bottomed pants and bare feet would hitchhike across the country to San Francisco with little or no money because a friend was there (somewhere) and a record said in the “Summer of Love”, all you needed was a “Flower in Your Hair”. The individual acts of giving and charity mixed with the fundamentally parasitic nature of the “Love” generation.

Ms Mason’s love of San Francisco shines through her story so one can taste and feel “Haight Ashbury” locale of the 60’s.

5.0 out of 5 stars Born in the wrong decade…shed a lot of light on my ideas This book is a wonderful book. I’ve read it approximately 5 times….My mom always used to tell me I was born in the wrong decade, and I believe that is true. This book was so true to life that I felt like I was there. I recommend it to anyone.

5.0 out of 5 stars More than a great science-fiction, a great novel as well This is a wonderful book for anyone who’s ever dreamed of time travel. It also shows you a first-hand view of the Summer of Love. Mason does an excellent job of describing her characters and how they feel, even when under the influence. Her view of the future seems realistic enough (although we’ll never know) and the way she twists the plot around Chiron, Starbright, Ruby, and the other characters is quite clever. All in all this is a book that I will read many times.