Dear Friends,

I’m going off the Internet starting now until January 4, 2016 except for email, which I’ll check intermittently. If you’re waiting to hear from me, please be patient and I’ll get back to you.

2015 was a pretty good year for me. I published two stories in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, was granted and gave two interviews in F&SF. I participated as an author in the Time Travel Bundle at, curated and participated as an author in the Philip K Dick Award Bundle, and am now curating the 2016 Story Collection Bundle, as well as participating as an author. Other projects are underway for 2016. And I’m serving as a judge for the 2016 Philip K Dick Award and was recently appointed as the chairwoman of the jury.

The biggest change on the home-front is that, after eight catless years since Alana died, Tom and I adopted a young girl cat, a blue-eyed Siamese-Angora mix, whom we named Athena. After being raised by a cat breeder, Athena is making leaps and bounds on a daily basis towards transforming herself into a loving, calm, smart, delightful family member. We’re so lucky to have found her!

Christmas will fall on a Friday for the first time in years and also on a full moon in the astrological sign of Cancer, a water sign associated with emotion. Passions should be running high! Go easy on the adult beverages, please.

And if you’re planning on telling your spouse on Christmas that you want a divorce—you wouldn’t believe how many Christmas parties I’ve been to over the years where I’ve had to witness this—restrain yourself, puh-lease. Wait till the New Year, at least. If you do it, you’ll not only ruin the holidays forever for your soon-to-be-ex and your family, but you’ll be pissing in everyone’s punch. ‘Nuff said.

Finally, 2016 ushers in, under Chinese astrology, the Year of the Monkey. Yep, he’s the Trickster. Expect surprises, nasty and otherwise. Beware, take care.

I want to wish you all now a Very Merry (and safe) Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! See you next year!