If you love short stories the way I do, you will receive story nirvana on May 11, 2016! You’ll receive these amazing, award-winning, five-star collections by multiple award-winning New York Times Bestselling and New York Times Notable Book authors:

Collected Stories by Lewis Shiner
Errantry: Strange Stories
by Elizabeth Hand
The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories
by Walter Jon Williams
6 Stories
by Kathe Koja
Strange Ladies: 7 Stories
by Lisa Mason
What I Didn’t See: Stories
by Karen Joy Fowler
Wild Things
by C.C. Finlay
Women Up to No
Good by Pat Murphy

The Story Collection Storybundle goes live May 11, 2016 through June 2, 2016 at Storybundle.com.

Stay tuned for the link!