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Summer of Love, A Time Travel on Smashwords

The Gilded Age, A Time Travel on Smashwords
Strange Ladies: 7 Stories
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The Garden of Abracadabra on Smashwords

Celestial Girl, The Omnibus Edition (A Lily Modjeska Mystery) on Smashwords

Arachne on Smashwords

Cyberweb on Smashwords

Shaken on Smashwords

Tesla, A Screenplay on Smashwords

Illyria, My Love on Smashwords

Tomorrow’s Child on Smashwords

Daughter of the Tao on Smashwords

Every Mystery Unexplained on Smashwords

The Sixty-third Anniversary of Hysteria on Smashwords

Hummers on Smashwords

U F uh-O, A Sci Fi Comedy on Smashwords,

My Charlotte: Patty’s Story on Smashwords,

And Eon’s Kiss by Suzanna Moore on Smashwords

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