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The Bohr Maker by Linda Nagata

Nikko Jiang-Tibayan has been caught outside the changing boundaries of the law. He is the first “post human”—genetically engineered to life in the airless void of space. But the research permit that allows his existence is about to expire. Already his body has begun an insidious, pre-programmed failure that will end in his death. His hopes ride on an illegal and extremely powerful nanotech device known as the Bohr Maker—but his attempt to steal it soon goes awry and the device escapes to infect a young woman named Phousita who lives on Earth, in an impoverished slum, where nanotechnology runs amok, regulated only by the black market.

Nikko and Phousita are from different worlds, but their convergence sets off a domino effect of unforeseeable events both on Earth and in space as they evade the ruthless pursuit of the Commonwealth police.

“…when I discovered that Nagata kicked off her career with a bizarre hard-science-or-is-it-fantasy SF mind-blower, I had no choice but to circle back and read it. I’m so glad I did […] The Bohr Maker is a dangerously inventive slice of a far-future quasi-dystopia…” —Joel Cunningham, B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“…excellent….bursting with ideas and adventure…” —Fred Cleaver, Denver Post

“…phenomenal….This one is a winner-grab it when you see it…” —Tom Easton, Analog

A brilliantly original, fast-paced thriller, The Bohr Maker won the Locus Award for Best First Novel.

Nagata joins the growing ranks of sf authors inspired by the emerging science of nanotechnology. At the center of her brilliantly original first novel is a powerful, illicit device known as the Bohr Maker, a microscopic factory full of self-replicating machines programmed to transform a human host into a genius-level nanotech engineer. Nikko, a genetically altered resident of a space colony, is reaching the end of his built-in life span and is eager to procure the Bohr Maker, as much to save his own life as to break the stranglehold of Earth’s ruling Commonwealth. Before he can lay hands on it, however, the Bohr Maker’s earthbound owner is killed and its tiny machinery injected into the body of an ignorant, poverty-stricken woman named Phousita, which changes the destiny of everyone in unforeseeable ways. Nagata reinforces her compelling story line with a wealth of mind-bending ideas that make her work favorably comparable with that of leading-edge stylists such as Bruce Sterling and Neal Stephenson and sure to be popular with both critics and fans. Carl Hays From Booklist


“…excellent….bursting with ideas and adventure…” –Fred Cleaver, Denver Post
“…phenomenal….This one is a winner-grab it when you see it…” –Tom Easton, Analog

Linda Nagata is a Nebula and Locus-award-winning writer, best known for her high-tech science fiction, including The Red trilogy, a series of near-future military thrillers. The first book in the trilogy, The Red: First Light, was a Nebula and John W. Campbell Memorial-award finalist, and named as a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2015. Her newest novel is the very near-future thriller, The Last Good Man, due out in June 2017. Linda has lived most of her life in Hawaii, where she’s been a writer, a mom, a programmer of database-driven websites, and an independent publisher. She lives with her husband in their long-time home on the island of Maui.

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