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Be the first person to identify this eminent author’s style from the paragraph below and win a download coupon for the First Ever SFWA Fantasy Storybundle!

Hint: the story was published in 1951. You don’t have to know the story title—though if you do, I’ll throw in an epub, mobi, or pdf of Summer of Love. Naming the author from her/his distinctive style is enough to win you the download coupon.

Ready? Here’s the paragraph:

“Music drifted up like mist from the water. It was a whispering music of deep tides and passed years, of salt and travel, of accepted and familiar strangenesses. The music sounded not unlike water on the shore, rain falling, the turn of soft limbs in the depths. It was a singing of a time-lost voice in a caverned seashell. The hissing and sighing of tides in deserted holds of treasure ships. The sound the wind makes in an empty skull thrown out on the baked sand.”

If you’re not the first person to identify this author (or can’t guess), don’t worry. You’ll still find the SFWA Fantasy Storybundle. Which is only available until November 2. Tick tick. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Download yours today at!

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