Recently, I’ve also been dreaming about preparing food and cooking for large groups of people. This is another good sign—tthat my subconscious mind is “cooking up” something tasty and nourishing for the real world.
In the real world, I cook my family’s dinner from scratch virtually every night. That’s how I’ve developed dozens of nutritious, low fat, high fiber, mostly vegetarian recipes, which I’ll share on Tier One (among other things), The Essential Digest.
In this morning’s dream, I was not only knocking myself preparing the feast, but I was baking a strange cake. I prepared a pastry crust to go around the cake, and delicious filling, and suddenly, on top, there was a grove of little trees with their leaves full in bloom.
My subconscious mind has a weird sense of humor.
I didn’t know what to do with the trees or how to make them edible, so I took the cake to the shop of a master baker.
He told me to just make the trees (which were actual trees) chocolate and the leaves (which were actual leaves) mint frosting.
So I did! You can do that in dreams! The cake was a huge success.
Tip: As you lie down to sleep, give yourself the mental suggestion, “I’m sleeping well and I’m dreaming well.”
You will sleep soundly and have delightful dreams!
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