Drove up to the garden store to buy potting soil for Groot. I love to drive and have terribly missed driving my excellent car since the violent criminal attack on me. I can now step into the driver’s seat in the normal way instead of sitting first, swiveling, and lifting my legs in, one by one.
Sunny warm day, short but satisfying drive. I refrained from driving around the lake past the scene of the crime. Not yet, not yet.
The garden store is wonderful with a spacious open-air garden behind the store where they sell trees and all kinds of plants. I didn’t have time to browse since we found a one-pound potting soil bag and Tom, carrying the bag, wanted to go. But I saw three crows, several pigeons and finches, and a squirrel meandering through a shelf of flowering plants.
I told the checker, “You’ve got a squirrel walking through the flowers.” She glanced back over her shoulder through the window and said, “Oh, yeah. He’s our little friend.”
Then we walked two blocks over the small market, which used to be our primary market before the Big Market moved into the neighborhood.
The small market’s deli counter is even better than the Big Market’s, and I bought several delicious things. The small market has a great selection of organic vegetables, too; I found baby bok choy, which I couldn’t find at the Big Market. Didn’t buy it today; that’s for broccoli stir-fry, which is not on the menu plan this week. But the next time broccoli is on the menu, I will go up to the small market for baby bok choy.
The one shadowy spot in the sunny afternoon was our checker—this is the grumpy checker with a baby daughter who totally opened up to me after I bought corn starch powder and cuetips (that’s another story). Today she was coughing—cough cough cough COUGH cough cough cough! She hid her face in the sleeve of her sweater, but still. She handled all our food.
Shouldn’t she have stayed home? Or the store have asked her to stay home and pay her for a sick day?
What do you think?
When we got home, we carefully washed our hands (I spray mine with 91% alcohol, afterwards), and I wiped down our food with more alcohol. I haven’t a cold or flu in five or six years, don’t intend to get sick for a long time to come. (Recovering from the violent criminal attack on me still goes on.)
Altogether, a very pleasant day. I’m coming to appreciate the small things in life even more.
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