This morning I had a vivid, but simple dream.
I was petting and brushing with Athena’s cat brush, two rabbits. Each were white with black spots. I intuitively knew the larger one was male, the smaller, female.
That was it. But what did the dream mean?
Upon awakening, I got out my beloved A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot and my Outlines of Chinese Symbolism & Art Motives by C.A.S. Williams.
Neither source had “rabbit” but they both had “hare.”
Cirlot reports that (naturally) the hare is associated with fecundity and procreation, but that’s not the hare’s main symbolism. The hare is associated with fleetness of foot and diligent service, but most of all the hare is associated with the Hecate, Hekar, and the Moon.
Turning to Williams, the hare is one of the Chinese Twelve Terrestrial Animals, is associated with longevity (?!), and is strongly associated with the Moon.
Then I checked my calendar. Sure enough, today November 12 is the full moon!
I love it when my subconscious mind taps into an archetype.
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