I wrote a brief review on Facebook immediately after Tom and I viewed the movie. This was in December, 2019. I kind of enjoyed the movie, but didn’t want to see it again, and sent it back to Netflix. I gave it a passing grade—not the “loved it” best movie of the year, as so many viewers have.
Now, as of late January 2020, this movie gotten a glowing review by a long-time movie critic at The New Yorker, won the Golden Globe Award (in various categories), the SAG awards in various categories, and is slated to win Oscars (again, in various categories). The “various categories” include really important ones like “Best Picture,” “Best Actor,” “Best Supporting Actor,” and “Best Screenplay.”
But I’ve since read other critics’ thoughts, read the reactions of people I respect on Facebook, thought more about what I viewed (as I said above, we only saw the film once, not multiple times, as at least one laudatory critic has recommended), and I have more to say.
Ir’s bunk.
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