Christopher Nolan’s new film, Tenet, is a time-travel thriller! I didn’t know that. The advance notices described it as a “spy thriller”.
A critic from The Hollywood Reporter reviewed the film in the latest issue, says it most resembles Inception, which we liked very much. “Tenet” is a palindrome, the name of an organization in the future. There is much talk about time travel paradoxes. I hope Nolan and his writers read Summer of Love and The Gilded Age. I spend time (and space) in those books carefully laying out the paradoxes.
I love palindromes. My car license plate is a palindrome. The name of the protagonist in my story “Triad” (published first in Universe 2, edited by Robert Silverberg [Bantam], reprinted in Strange Ladies: 7 Stories [Bast Books]) who is an androgyne capable of becoming either male or female, is a palindrome.
The THR critic stated that she viewed the movie twice, and she still can’t exactly tell what the plot is. That tends to happen in time travel stories. Apparently agents of Tenet travel to the past to retrieve artifacts from the future that have been carelessly left there (I’m paraphrasing from the THR review) to avoid an apocalypse in the future.
Right off, that violates Tenet Seven of the Grandmother Principle (in Summer ofLove and The Gilded Age): “You cannot apply modern technologies to past events or people, except when the result conforms to the Archives, and, in that case, you cannot leave evidence of modern technologies in the past.”
I’m curious to see how Nolan deals with that! But we’ll have to wait until the film is released on DVD. The theatrical release is in limited areas, not ours.
So there you have it, my friends.
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