As I read through a final pass of ODDITIES: 22 Stories, I found recurrent themes and point-of-view characters as protagonists, though I portray each story as a unique universe. Over the span of my career, I’ve tended not to repeat myself.
As Steve Fahnestalk in his Amazing Stories review said: “I find myself constantly surprised by the breadth of styles, places, and characters in this collection. ….sometimes you want to be surprised; and that’s what Ms. Mason delivers in this collection (which also spans pretty much the whole timeline of her short story publications). Like Ray Bradbury’s short stories, these never fail to surprise you with little sparkles and occasional rockets going off and spreading happy fireworks in your brain!”
Let me see:
Three, no, four supernatural entities
Five POV artists! (I wonder why I’m attracted to that character type.) But only one writer. And only one stage magician.
Two psychiatrists.
Two lawyers, corrupt in different ways.
Two very different teenage girls.
Five medical stories.
Two very different ghost stories.
Two very different time stories.
Two telespace stories and one artificial intelligence story.
Tarot magic and ancient Egyptian magic.
Four alien stories, approaching the theme from different perspectives.
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