Here are the Eight Rules or Habits of Worriers from a book I found in my stacks:
1. If something bad could happen—if you can simply imagine it—then it’s your responsibility to worry about it.
2. Don’t accept any uncertainty—you need to know for sure.
3. Treat all your negative thoughts as if they are really true.
4. Anything bad that could happen is a reflection of who you are as a person.
5. Failure is unacceptable.
6. Get rid of any negative feelings immediately.
7. Treat everything as an emergency.
8. Worry about worrying.
I don’t know. Rule # 1, I call “planning.” That’s what legal practice consists of: envisioning every issue your opponent could possibly come up with and formulating your response.
As for Rules # 4 and 5, everyone learns (or should learn) when they’re young that you win some and you lose some. Even when you try your best, you lose some. Even when you don’t try your best, you win some. That’s life.
I suppose that means I’m not a worrier. Or much of a worrier.
Are you a worrier? Do you agree with this list? What would you revise on it?
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