Tom borrowed more The New Yorker magazines for free from our lovely local library. Here are the articles I recommend: (I’ll leave it to you to track down the online link.)
September 13, 2021:issue
“The Sex Wars” by Amia Srinivasan
. An overview of the feminist movement when it first started in the 1960s until now and the current controversies among the movement.
“Force of Nature” by Gideon Lewis-Kraus. About the scientist Kathryn Paige Harden and the current scientific and sociological controversies about Nature versus Nurture.|
October 11, 2021 issue
“Hollywood on Trial”
by Michael Schulman. The Fatty Arbuckle scandal, the first celebrity scandal, involving a woman’s death, that cost the wildly successful actor his career.
“The Ghost Birds” by Karen Russell, the author of “Swamplandia!”. A straight-up science fiction story with touches of fantasy that would have worked published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction or Asimov’s Magazine, but got published in The New Yorker. I liked the story but had some problems with it.
A New Biography of Oscar Wilde by Clare Bucknell. Nothing new here—Wilde was the son of theatrical parents, got married and had three children, and—you know the rest. For fans of Oscar Wilde.
October 25, 2021 issue
“Writing ‘Eleanor Rigby’” by Paul McCartney
. There’s a story behind every story, and now there’s a story about the song. Interesting account of how the names got chosen, the “happy accidents” that helped form the Beatles when they were still teenagers, and feedback given to McCartney about his poetry in the song by Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. Who knew? “Eleanor Rigby” is considered a breakthrough song by the Beatles because it was written NOT to be performed onstage.
What Stephen Crane Did for the Novel by Adam Gopnik. About the writer of “The Red Badge of Courage.” Crane started writing professionally at age twenty as a hardboiled newspaper reporter. He’s given credit for streamlining novelistic prose, but he got involved in controversy with (ahem) “ladies of the evening” and lived beyond his means at the end of his life.
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