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I bake fresh ground turkey thigh for Athena and prepare little dishes of that, topped or mixed with Whole Paws canned meat (the turkey and the chicken and white fish flavors). Cats are obligate carnivores; they need meat.

I don’t leave out a bowl of dry food. She had a bad reaction to dry food when she first came to live with us so I just don’t feed her that anymore. The Whole Paws canned meat has no grain whatsoever, not even brown rice, but the dry food, even the best dry food I could find with a low ash content, has rice. Plus, it’s not true that dry food helps clean a cat’s teeth. My research says dry food has no beneficial effect on a cat’s dental health. Instead, we “brush” her teeth with dental sponges at least once a week.

As a result of this feeding regimen, Athena is very trim and muscular. What this means, though, is that when I set out a little dish of meat, she has to finish it all or back into the fridge the dish goes, covered by a little white cap. (To prevent food poisoning just like you should put leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast in the fridge no later than two hours after the food is cooked). A local pet food store gave Tom a dozen of these caps, which you use to cover uneaten portions of canned food. Note that the cans say not to do this, to store uneaten meat in another container. Which I do. I’ve got a glass container with a top in which I store uneaten canned meat.

What this also means is Athena, a nocturnal predator, prefers to eat late at night or in the early morning. When I’m sleeping. She often has to wake me up, and she’s devised a strategy. She jumps up on the bed (she’s strictly an in-door cat, so she’s very clean) by my head and snuffles in my ear. She gives my cheek little kitty kisses, and then she seizes the edge of my ear in her fangs and PULLS just as hard as she can. Sometimes she pulls my head off the pillow (she’s very strong). Sometimes she draws blood. I say “Ouch ouch ouch,” in a pitiable voice, but I also laugh so she knows I don’t mind it too  much. This morning Tom watched as she yanked my right ear, then circled over my head and yanked on my left.

This generally gets me out of bed and into the kitchen to set out one of her little bowls of meat. She left particularly bloody wounds on my right ear. I asked Tom to photograph the ear; he refused. Oh, well, it IS pretty weird. #ivegotcatbitesonmyears



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Today, July 2, is the day I took a harrowing seventy-five mile drive to Santa Cruz to adopt a nine-month-old breeder’s cage kitten, a lilac-point-Angora mix with blue eyes. She was a sad, scared little person who was terrified of what was going to happen to her next.

When we let her out of the carrying case to explore her new home, she was totally thrilled. She immediately bonded to me and to Tom, learned the rules of where she was allowed to go and where not, and has blossomed as a wonderful member of our household.

But when Tom or I went to pick her up back then, she would thrash and writhe, kick and claw and bite. Apparently, she’d come to associate a human picking her up with Something Bad about to happen to her—vaccination needles, deworming, defleaing, surgery for spaying, and generally being shuttled around in a cage.

In past year, we each have made a point of picking her up and, gripping those strong hind legs and sharp claws, carrying her to someplace enjoyable, fun, and safe. To her food bowl in the kitchen, to her water bowl on the fireplace surround, to her cat tree, to her perch on my editor’s desk in my office, and especially to the bed, which she loves.

Now, one year later, she’s quite a handful as you can see and still strangely camera-shy—I had to hold her face up for this photo. Maybe having her picture taken reminds her of the pound, too. But she’s become comfortable with the human embrace. You can just catch a glimpse of her baby blue eyes.

Happy One Year Anniversary to Athena!

So there you have it, my friends and readers, over the past days the subplot sequence introducing Alana the magicat into Abby Teller’s life and the life of The Abracadabra Series.

The magicat is a powerful little magician in her own right, with powers we have yet to discover. In two thousand years, she’s seen a lot happen and met a lot of people—kings, queens, tyrants, evil entities, and magicians, human and otherwise.

In The Garden of Abracadabra, Volume 1, the magicat becomes Abby Teller’s beloved familiar, Abby her human guardian and, in a climactic sequence at the book’s end, the magicat helps save Abby’s life.

(And now my lips are sealed!)

By the way, The Garden of Abracadabra is rather evenly balanced between cats and dogs. There’s Alana, the magicat and also Senor, the sexy dog shapeshifter. Wait till they meet!

Happy Holidays!

And as always, I thank you for your readership.

The Garden of Abracadabra, Volume 1 of the Abracadabra Series

Copyright © 2012 by Lisa Mason.

This just in from Goodreads! Alan writes: “I loved the writing style and am hungry for more.:D”
The Garden of Abracadabra, Volume 1 of the Abracadabra Series (Bast Books)is on Nook and Kindle with a print edition planned for late 2013.

“So refreshing. . . .This is Stephanie Plum in the world of Harry Potter”

Fun and Enjoyable Urban Fantasy January 12, 2012
By D. Pflaster
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a very entertaining novel- sort of a down-to-earth Harry Potter with a modern adult woman in the lead. Even as Abby has to deal with mundane concerns like college and running the apartment complex she works at, she is surrounded by supernatural elements and mysteries that she is more than capable of taking on. Although this book is just the first in a series, it ties up the first “episode” while still leaving some story threads for upcoming books. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

New! On a budget these days? Who isn’t!

The Garden of Abracadabra, Volume 1 of the Abracadabra Series is also available as The Garden of Abracadabra Trilogy so you can read the Omnibus Edition at your leisure in three affordable installments.

In Book I, Life’s Journey, Abby arrives in Berkeley, filled with hope and promise, hoping to land a new job and start magic college, when she stumbles upon a supernatural multiple murder scene. On Nook and Kindle.

In Book 2, In Dark Woods, Abby is drawn into a dangerous murder investigation and torn between three men, Daniel Stern, her ex-fiance, Jack Kovac, an enigmatic FBI agent, and Prince Alastor, a potent supernatural man who lives in the penthouse. On Nook and Kindle.

In Book 3: The Right Road,Abby uncovers ancient supernatural secrets behind the murders and faces dangers and challenges ahead. On Nook and Kindle.

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