Lately, I’ve been dreaming about inventing improbable things. I take that as a good sign, that my subconscious mind is active and creating fiction (and other good things) hopefully in the real world.
In this morning’s vivid dream, I invented a garment called My Body Bag™. This garment is so lightweight and pliable, you can fold it up and fit in your jeans pocket, backpack, or handbag. When you take it out, My Body Bag™ inflates to your actual physical size. You lay it down, anywhere, anytime, climb in, and seal the opening above your head.
Then you can sleep anywhere, anytime, and My Body Bag™ keeps you cool if the outside environment is hot, or cool if it’s hot. My Body Bag™ is paper-thin (unlike a conventional sleeping bag), but keeps you comfortable as a plush featherbed.
As an added bonus, if you die in My Body Bag™ (and it’s highly recommended that you arrange to die in it), My Body Bag™ will ascertain the moment of your death and incinerate you inside the bag. Your executor or heirs can then fold up My Body Bag™ with your ashes inside and conveniently drop it the nearest trashcan.
The dream went further to suggest that I sold My Body Bag™ to LL Bean for ten million dollars.
Husband Tom: “Why don’t you write a flash fiction based on your dream?”
Me: “Nah. there’s no plot. Anyway, why should I beat my brains out for pennies a word when I can sell the invention to LL Bean for millions?”
Tom (looking at me askance): “Hmm. You have a point.”
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