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Some years ago, Lou Rosetti and Jane Metcalf, the founders of Wired magazine, invited Bruce Sterling, Tom Robinson, and me to lunch for the premier issue of Wired. Bruce was on the cover. These were the days when the offices of Wired were in a second floor, south-of-market warehouse and you entered via a ladder from the first floor to the second. Good thing I’d worn jeans (black, of course). Lou had a big silver Mercedes with the license plates, “ECSTASY”.

I brought a copy of ARACHNE, my first novel and classified as “cyberpunk,” to the lunch and gave it to Lou. He was appreciative and gracious. Jane, who was a bit prickly, looked at me and asked, “So. Are you a techno-weenie?”

Nope, I’m not.

And I’m not sure if techno-weenie is synonymous with “geek”, but it could be.

After lunch, Tom and I took Bruce on a sight-seeing tour of North Beach: Coit Tower and the Caffe Trieste. Kim Burrafato, a programmer and native San Franciscan, was reading the premier issue of Wired, with Bruce on the cover, and in we walked with Bruce and sat with Kim at the main table.

Kind of a surreal moment.