They thought Earth would always abide. But it hadn’t, not at all . . . .

Maximum Ice Cover Final

Zoya Kundara has lived on the space vessel Star Road for 250 years. As Ship Mother, she is awakened from Deep Sleep in times of crisis, providing counsel to generations of its Romany crew. Now the starship has returned home, only to discover an Earth on the verge of extinction, blanketed in a crystalline substance called Ice. But it’s not ice. This pearl-white mantle is a grand and mysterious ecology of information-bearing crystals. And it is relentlessly enclosing the last free lands.

To find a home for her crew, Zoya must approach the denizens of this strange new Earth. She will discover the Ice Nuns, who seek sole control of the physics-defying crystals; people huddled like moles in underground techno-warrens; and the snow witches, creatures of Ice, both mad and prophetic . . . and one snow witch in particular, who will defend the kingdom of Ice with power and immortal cunning.

From Library Journal
The generation ship Star Road returns to Earth after 250 years to revitalize its failing population and discovers that the planet is enveloped in a crystalline substance referred to as Ice. Zoya Kundara, the Ship Mother, acts as emissary to the planet’s underground inhabitants, hoping against hope to find a way to rescue Earth and her own people from extinction. The author of The Seeds of Time and Leap Point delivers an ecological adventure set against an Earth peopled by Ice Nuns, snow witches, and renegade cannibals. For most sf collections.
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From Booklist
It has been 250 years since Zoya’s starship left Earth, and upon finally returning, the crew discovers a planet nearly swallowed by a peculiar crystalline, icelike substance. As Ship Mother, Zoya has spent most of the long years in suspended animation, wakening occasionally to reconnect with the crew, an extended Romany family that fled after being scapegoated for a virulent plague. They are desperate to rebuild their lives on Earth, but communications with its few surviving inhabitants, who live in stinking warrens under the ice’s surface, don’t bode well. Then a transmission from a mysterious community called the Ice Nuns, which claims to be studying the ice as an information storage medium, entices Zoya down to the surface to investigate. Unbeknownst to her, Swan, an old enemy of the Rom, still wanders the surface, and when he hears of their return, he vows a singular, bloody vengeance for the deaths of his family. A vivid cast of characters, some interesting asides on religious authority, and the bleakly beautiful landscape make this a uniquely powerful tale reminiscent of Greg Bear. –Roberta Johnson
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Kay Kenyon is best known for her world building. Her science fiction and fantasy novels all develop out of a Place, a memorable and alluring geography, habitat, or magical kingdom. She then discovers who lives there, and why. And so the stories begin.

Her most recent novel is the fantasy Queen of the Deep, about an aspiring actress who opens a door onto a strange Renaissance kingdom. Her previous fantasy was A Thousand Perfect Things.

Kay has been a finalist for the Philip K. Dick and the John W. Campbell Memorial Awards, and twice for the ALA Reading List awards. Her science fiction includes the acclaimed series “The Entire and The Rose.” Some of her early science fiction, such as Maximum Ice, has now been reissued in eBook, with what the author thinks are some of her best covers ever. Five of her short stories, including The Last Wave and The Book of Faces, are available as separate e-releases on Amazon.

Kay lives with her husband in Wenatchee Washington, and is a founding member of Write on the River, dedicated to helping aspiring writers improve their craft and navigate the writing life. Find out her latest news on her blog and website:, follow her on twitter:, connect with her on Facebook at http://www.facebook/kay.kenyon, or sign up for her newsletter on her website.

Kay blogs about Maximum Ice at
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