I heard yesterday—via Facebook—that author and longtime Locus staffer and reviewer Faren Miller, at the age of 71, died February 15, 2022 after being hospitalized with serious respiratory problems.
Born September 3, 1950 in San Jose CA, Miller began working at Locus in 1981, where she was the first full-time employee. She remained on the staff until 2000, when she moved to Prescott AZ with partner Kerry Hanscom, whom she later married. She continued as a regular Locus review columnist until stepping down in 2018. She was the author of one novel, The Illusionists (1991), and was working on another novel prior to her death.
She gave a thoughtful, great Locus review for my book Summer of Love, reproduced at http://lisamason.com/sollocusshinerreviews.html.
She was always very supportive of me as a writer. She called us women SF writers who emerged in the 1990s “the New Golden Age of Science Fiction.” Tom and I visited her at her house in Oakland. We considered her a friend.
I’m very sad to hear this news. Age 71 is far too young to die.
And I saw last week—also via Facebook—that Tom Dupree died on Monday, February 7, at the age of 72.
Tom Dupree was my editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell on my books, Summer of Love (a Philip K. Dick Award Finalist) and The Golden Nineties (retitled, The Gilded Age, a New York Times Notable Book) and he acquired my short story, “The Sixty-third Anniversary of Hysteria” for Full Spectrum 5, an anthology published by Bantam. (That story is now republished in ODDITIES: 22 Stories, my second collection.)
Tom was a kind, humorous, and caring editor. When he came to San Francisco, my husband Tom and I took him on a tour of the town, taking him to Coit Tower to see the view, by the Caffe Trieste, and had dinner at the famous restaurant Enrico’s on Broadway.
And when I was in NYC, I visited him at his Bantam editorial office, he taught me the Southern gentleman’s way of escorting a lady through a revolving door (he went first; that way the lady (me) didn’t have to touch the glass and push the door), and took me to lunch at a fabulous Art Deco restaurant. He was ever the Southern gentleman.
I’m also very sad to hear this news. I will miss him. Age 72 is also too young die.
I’m grieving this February, 2022.
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