“I’m quite impressed, not only by the writing, which gleams and sparkles, but also by [Lisa Mason’s] versatility. I also really like her afterwords to each story, which tell something of the genesis of each one. The book starts with “The Oniomancer,” previously published in Asimov’s; a tale about a bicycle messenger with a pink mohawk and sticky fingers. (No, she’s not a thief, but one of her mantras is “finders, keepers,” and she finds a lot of stuff. Oniomancy is . . . well, read the story and you’ll know.) I loved this one; it’s SF with just a hint of fantasy. Mason follows that one with a little tale about a woman who has worked her butt off to be able to move up to a swanky condo, but there’s a sneak thief in the area, one with a taste for willful destruction. Vaughn Kennedy discovers that a veve is good for more than just decoration. “Felicitas” is a horror/fantasy about a shapechanger; what ends well for the protagonist may not end well for other people! All the previous stories are somewhat standard SF/F, but with the fourth story, Mason starts really stretching her writing muscles; she is a wordsmith, and “Stripper” is where she starts strutting her stuff in this collection. And the next story, “Triad,” goes off into full-on fireworks—both in the writing and the science-fictional bending of gender roles (inspired, she says in her afterword, by Ursula K. LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness)… it sparkles, whirls and fizzes. Mason is clearly a writer to follow! And one more: her modern take on Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland is a hilarious gem! Along with all the SF/F, I grew up reading those two books (Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass), so I got every single reference. And I laughed all the way through this story; if you know the books I practically guarantee you’ll laugh too! (I won’t describe every story in this anthology, for the same reason I don’t like to give spoilers; I think there should be a few surprises and a little mystery left once you’ve read a review.)
Steve Fahnestalk, Amazing Stories Magazine Online

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