GROOT.8.23.19_NEWMeet Groot!
He was moved outside last night after I caught Athena the cat browsing on his leaves. The leaves already look better (less bitten) after one day in sunshine. Since he’s filled up the glass with roots, sprouted a stem and leaves, as the instructions advised, he’s ready for a planter of his own. I’ll go to the garden store in a few days to buy potting soil.
For those of you who haven’t seen the delightful Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot is my favorite character in the film, a tree-man who has one line and one line only, “I am Groot.” But he says his line with a variety of different inflections in a variety of different situations to hilarious effect. (I suppose you need to be in touch with your inner eight-year-old child to love this movie.) Unlike the DC and Marvel comix movies, GoG I has a coherent plot, not too many violent scenes (and the violent scenes don’t go on tediously), plenty of humor, inventive animation, and even some pathos at the end. GoG II isn’t quite as fresh, but still enjoyable.
The production of GoG III was stopped dead in its tracks when someone discovered the writer-director made some regrettable Tweets—fifteen years ago. He apologized, he hasn’t been accused of any criminal action, the cast and crew and other people in the industry leapt to his defense (“He’s one of the good guys”), but the movie studio fired him, anyway.
What do you think about that?
So we’ve got our own Groot. I love growing things (a kitten into a cat, the first story into forty stories, an avocado pit into a tree). I may be ashes when and if Groot ever becomes a proper tree, but I have the satisfaction of seeing him grow now. What could be better?
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